A New Season

We have officially entered a new season in our lives!

I realize I have a lot of catching up to do. So much has happened! We watched my sister-in-law get married, I am in my second trimester of pregnancy already, and EV turned one! I mean, I’ve been caring for a child, MY child, for over a year. I seriously am in awe of how zippy it all went. I know, you hear it all the time, but if you haven’t been blessed with kids yet, you can’t fully appreciate how short life is.

I honestly think I will be able to cherish more deeply the newborn part of baby #2’s life because of this. I keep remembering things about having a newborn that still surprise me. How is it that it’s been so little time since I brought a human in this world, and yet there has been more change this year than I’ve ever experienced? (Beside’s my own first year, perhaps).

So, March was pretty busy. We spent 10 days on vacation. And EV took her first steps! She’s been cruising around furniture for a while now, and we were sure walking would be weeks away. She always proves us wrong by taking extra time to learn something PERFECTLY. She gets that from me. But, if you count 3 or 4 steps as walking, then she definitely took that leap!

Ten days, two traveling of course, is a long time to be away from home. But it felt so much better than just a week. We were with family, as is usually the case with “vacation” but it’s always a pleasure to share EV with her loving relatives. And this time it was both sides! Jimmy’s sister got married, and both me and him were in the wedding. EV, with her walking barely over the horizon, showed up to be cute, but she fit right in!


It’s a funny story about her dress, too. We got this adorable dress at a baby shower long before she was born (and certainly before we planned on being in a wedding), but it was just the right color, just the right size, and just the right material for the event. Everyone was asking me if we bought her dress together with the bridesmaids, but nope! It was just a happy coincidence!

The wedding was GORGEOUS. It was peaceful, full of joy and love, and such a beautiful picture of the relationship we will one day have with Jesus. I felt God’s presence, and His blessing, and I will never forget it!

In addition to the wedding, we did all sorts of other things! We stopped at Salt & Straw, because how could you not? And we went to the zoo, as well.


But mostly, we spent lots of time with family and friends.

Speaking of family, we got our good friend to take some family portraits of us. Here is one for you!


I will post more of them, but there are so many I want to share! You can see them here.

And, because everyone is so curious about how she did on the plane, here is a picture of our little champion flyer.


She did awesome! She slept or was happy almost the entire time we were on planes or in terminals. Here are some great tips I gathered for flying with babies: 1) Try your best to make sure they have a car seat! For us, this meant buying a ticket, and it was worth it! 2) Don’t be strict. Don’t worry about schedules or nutrition labels! This trip will be over soon enough and it’s ok to just get through it. And 3) New stuff! Cheap new toys, books, and snacks provide great distraction. Other than that, it’s just important to know your kid and don’t worry about what other people think. Ever!

March was full of fun times, and EV changed so much! Not only did she take her first few steps, but she started to eat more and more solid food. She absolutely loves yogurt, fruit, and cheese, and she also has a taste for veggie straws (which are a little healthier version of potato chips) and oatmeal.

April proved to have it’s fair share of challenges. Luckily, it also had it’s fair share of joys!

The first few days were pretty tough, because EV had her first fever. It wasn’t major, and I feel really blessed that she went so long without getting sick. I’m not sure how she got sick, but we did our best and luckily, it only lasted for one night. While we made preparations for a joyously busy month, we discovered something that was disheartening, but I will not go into details right here. I will, however, share this story in a separate post. I feel that honestly representing the challenges of parenthood is very important in this virtual village. This story deserves details that don’t need to be included in this update. For now, I will say that, though the situation was concerning, it was not serious and is currently being happily resolved. And EV is as happy as ever!

On April 22nd, EV turned ONE!


That’s my girl! I can hardly believe how quickly it went by. I feel like a broken record, repeating the sentiments of billions throughout history. But really, it’s incredible how much we’ve learned and how amazing such a tiny human can be. There is so much to her, even though she still has a lifetime of growing to do. Minus one year, anyway!

Jimmy’s parents joined us for her birthday week, and we planned a really adorable first birthday party just 2 days after her actual birthday.

The theme: Minnie Mouse!

Cake by my good friend at Sweetest Blessings!

Cakes by my good friend at Sweetest Blessings!

I wrestled with a few ideas. She loves Elmo and Pokemon, among other things, like music and kitty cats. But, I decided on Minnie Mouse because it’s girly, cute, and I’m fairly certain she is doomed to be a Disney girl. Besides, we have a lot of birthdays ahead of us, and this was the first and maybe only one where I could really do what I wanted.

The party was a smash! (Though the smash cake was a little less than smashed…) Lots of our good friends showed up and it went really well. Minimal crying, lots of food and cake, and so many generous gifts! New toys galore! I can safely say that EV has been having tons of fun discovering these new toys over the last week.

11174819_10152912944843727_8924328760922024213_n 11159510_10152912929338727_621977571715798000_n

Since then, she’s been doing really well. We visited the aquarium, and we now have a membership because EV LOOOVED it so much. Many thanks to the Kramers for getting that for us. In fact, we are headed back to the aquarium today!

Now, we are just waiting for that moment when she can continuously walk wherever she pleases, and we are hearing more and more words every day. My kid is really growing up and becoming… well, a kid. She’s technically a toddler now!

Oh! And here’s a small update on the new baby before I sign off! My nausea, which, while it has been better than last time, was proving to be a struggle, has finally started to subside. And I am totally feeling kicks! JOY!

Here’s a bump pic:


Kiddo’s really poking out there!

May God Bless You until we meet again! ❤

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