Operation Bring Baby Peppercorn Earthside: The Plot

I’m sorry, but I’m no good with this whole “brevity” thing. When I write this blog, there’s usually no plan. And I go on long birdwalks far from where I thought I’d end up. So, I’m going to try something. I’m going to write the last sentence right up at the top. Here it is:

And that is how we plan to bring this new baby to the world.

Ok. So, first of all, I knew long before I got pregnant that I didn’t want to do another hospital birth if I could help it. It’s not that it was bad. In fact, it went about as well as it could have. It’s just that I knew there was something better out there. That something is: home birth.

I was made to believe that babies should be born in hospitals because that’s safest, but eventually I learned that, like any other time in your life, if you’re healthy you don’t need to go to the hospital. Birth can be scary because it is painful and delicate, yes, but it’s also something women were built for. The best possible situation for any pregnancy is knowledgable prenatal support and a safe, supportive birth environment. The sort of care that typically meets those requirements is midwife care. It’s backed by science!

I could seriously go on and on all day about natural birth and birth support and home birth! I could talk all about the fact that a few people still felt they had to scare me into giving birth at a hospital even though I had already decided to. I could talk about how my doctor did hardly anything but tell me I was healthy, which was reassuring, but did absolutely nothing to prepare me for the experience of birth. And I could cite all kinds of websites and studies, tell you all kinds of experiences, and get real personal to try and prove to you that home birth really is our best option.

But, so far, no one seems to be against it. Which is awesome!

Look, I’m happy to answer anyone’s questions about my choices. I’m happy to share with anyone the information I have on the benefits of natural, supported birth. I believe every woman has the right to know what they are getting into and the right to make a good choice for herself and her baby. I just want to put that out there.

Anyway, here’s how it has looked so far.

Step One: Find Prenatal Care
So, we were in a bit of a rocky place when we found out the baby was coming. We weren’t sure if we were moving or not, so, we just saw my previous OB (who I am very happy with) for a confirmation visit. Heartbeat! Not twins! Nice. Then we looked around for midwives, and we decided to hire someone we already had a relationship with. She taught our prenatal class, and we loved it, and it just felt like she would be a good fit for us at this time in our lives. So, after we hired her, we went to my second OB visit and said farewell to the wonderful team. My OB doctor said, “You’re leaving me?” but made no attempt to convince me to stay. Jimmy said, “Hey, if you do home births, let us know!” In all, leaving his practice was as pleasant as working with him, and it is very reassuring to know that he’ll be there for me if I ever need him again.

Step Two: Manage Discomforts
So, this time, we are forgoing a lot of the normal interventions, which include the use of prescription medication for things like heartburn and nausea. I did have one prescription filled for nausea medication, and I only used the doses when I absolutely had to. But I really, really didn’t want to get on a daily pill for heartburn. And, I also wanted to be more “regular” if you get what I’m saying. Those things require a diet change! I dropped a lot of the carbs, as much sugar as I could stand, and we switched to eating paleo for dinner. Plus, Jimmy headed into keto-land again, so it’s eggs for breakfast. I also dropped my daily coffee, and, while I haven’t given up dessert entirely, it helps a lot that I don’t allow myself any after dinner. I’m sure I could take it further, but honestly, just these changes have made a huge difference. Hopefully my heartburn stays manageable!

Step Three: Be Boring
That’s right! Now, for the next few weeks, our job is to be really, really boring! By that I mean, we just have to stay normal. No abnormal feelings, aches, pains, or unexpected tragedies. Just good, ol’ fashioned baby-growing.

Step Four: Distract Ourselves
Not that hard, honestly. With EV, life just seems to fly by. But, we are anxious to meet Peppercorn. We want to know whether it’s a boy or girl (we’re waiting!), we want our names picked out, and of course I’ve got this nesting instinct going off like crazy. Time to distract myself and let the due date approach.

Step Five: Get Read for the Home Birth
This will be fun, and maybe the tiniest bit tedious. There are a lot of items you need to have a baby at home. Basically all the normal stuff you’d have at the hospital. Mesh panties galore!! And there’s the birth plan, and the mental preparation. It’s a list that I have yet to tackle!

Step Six: Enjoy the Waiting Period
Believe me, I want to see this baby. But even though the last few weeks may be uncomfortable, it’ll be the last time that it’s just the three of us. I honestly don’t know that I feel like we had enough. But then, I won’t be able to imagine it any other way when this kid joins us earthside. And there are a thousand things we won’t get to do for the first few weeks and months. It’ll be really important to just sit and enjoy the way life is. Please remind me of this when I’m 38 weeks and eating mountains of pineapple.

And that is how we plan to bring this new baby into the world.

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