A tooth! Finally!

If you have been around us at all in the last year, you would know that EV still bears a gummy smile (and I’m certain your heart just melted)! Teething has been on our minds since she was two months old, but 16 whole months went by, and none of the times we suspected a tooth was responsible for her crankiness (or drooling) had we been right.  Until now! The last month, it was pretty clear that her gums were changing, which was part of the reason her pediatrician was not concerned. It is pretty rare for a kid to go this long without cutting any teeth, but how many people do you know who never got their teeth? Still, it was making me a little anxious to approach having another baby with zero experience dealing with teething. If I was going to lose sleep for months on end because of one kid, the last thing I wanted was for the other kid to have as much or more reason to keep me up too. We JUST got EV on a routine that has her sleeping all night with a consistent bedtime of 8pm. What would we do if we had a newborn AND a teething toddler?

I guess I know the answer now though. Deal, that’s what we’d do. That’s always what you do as a parent. You hold it together just long enough to get a tiny bit of help, and you may not even utilize all the help you can get because your heart is to take care of your kids. No matter how little sleep you got last night.

But, thankfully, we haven’t had too much nighttime troubles with these teeth. Actually, she has been awesome at night for the most part! And, having just gone on a weekend getaway with two 5-hour drives one day after the other, I’m praising and thanking our Good Lord that she decided to cut teeth the day AFTER we got back! Goodness me, though, I am just so heartbroken to see her this way. Ironic as it may be, we were just talking to our young parent cousins about how horrible it is to have a sick kid. You want them to slow down all day, but the second they aren’t themselves because they are sick, you find yourself begging for them to just go pull something off the shelves or giggle about an animal noise or something! And yesterday, going into teething, I remembered just how true it is. Break anything, kid, just be you again!

EV hit her head pretty hard falling off the couch. It’s never a fun thing for anyone, but it’s part of being a kid. I consoled her, but for some reason, she refused to calm down. It made me extremely nervous! Was it more than just a bump? What should I look for? How do you know if it’s something serious? Luckily she was distracted by her favorite monkey, Curious George, and my mom instincts told me that she would have acted a lot more distressed if it was serious. Still, she kept crying and moving her pacifier in her mouth like the pain was in waves.

I stuck my finger on her gums, and what do you know? One of her back teeth had popped through! Suddenly, it made sense. The bump on the head was a catalyst for her crankiness, but it was the tooth that spurred her on. So, unfortunately, the next four hours were spent cuddling her through painful cries that would eventually wear her out enough to put her to sleep. It was hard, especially since she refused to eat or drink, but my gut told me it would be fine. I just needed that help all parents need!  Which reminds me, did I tell you my brother is living with us now? It was all kind of a last second deal, but he’s free as a bird, and I needed the help with EV, so it’s working out! He’s been very helpful to us and EV loves him, of course!

So he ran around gathering things while I rocked her or laid beside her. I sent Jimmy to go to the store after he finished work, and he got teething medicine, frozen fruit stuff, teething toys and the like. But, of course, after hours and hours of being a miserable shell of herself, she perked right up when Daddy came through the door! I was relieved that she was finally herself again, but man! How is that for unfair? At least I had a witness to prove just how difficult it had been…

Today, she’s much more herself. She’s been mooing, meowing, and barking at everything and everyone lately, and today is no exception! She’s still having trouble being interested in eating, but she is drinking plenty. And she proved that she ate enough yesterday with today’s diaper situation, so I’m not stressing! I just wish she were a little happier, but at least she is herself, if just a cuddlier, slightly crankier version of herself. I’m glad I have Curious George to help babysit!

So, then, I should mentioned my pregnancy. Baby Peppercorn is just perfect as far as we can tell! Super active, I get a lot of “whoas” anytime someone gets a good feel or glimpse of this Olympian. And, this kid has a tendency to make me really uncomfortable, which is why I’m thinking we’re having a boy! Besides the fact that I am carrying waaaay differently!Regardless, we are still waiting to find out, and now we are only 8 weeks from the EDD! And since today is September 1st, I can say fairly confidently that we are having a baby next month! Our family’s identity will be shaped by this person, and honestly, I’m enjoying waiting for the surprise. We have the rest of our lives to become familiar with this kid, so we can let this part of the adventure be a mystery.  And, I’m just so glad that God is blessing us with a healthy pregnancy! I care so much about doing right by Him and our family, and if we had any bumps in the road, He knows I would do whatever it took to keep us all safe. I am thankful to have no worries. In fact, God has been teaching me deeply about how His command to have no fear truly means to have no fear! I can confidently enter into anything knowing He is with me, even if those things are bad or scary, because He will snatch me out of it if He needs to. The trials I might face, no matter how big, will be met with reward in the end, so long as I put my trust in Him.

Maybe it’s easy to say that now, without having faced some of life’s most serious trials, but the point is that I know it’s true. I can bring this baby into the world, be a mom of two, and share Jesus with the testimony of my words, actions, and life. It is not because I am sufficient, but because the one who walks with me is.

So with that, I say May God bless you, and my you Bless Him also!


One thought on “A tooth! Finally!

  1. I missed this when you posted it but it was so interesting to read, now knowing what we know about EV’s arm. My kids did that very same fuss, be ok, fuss, be ok, etc. whenever they broke a bone. It was always that symptomatology. Along with a reluctance to put weight on or use the affected part. Anyhow, this was a wonderful post, as usual! I love reading them, Moriah. And I love you!

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