Curious October

Well happy October, everyone! It’s finally the (most likely) month of baby Peppercorn’s birth!

And it’s nearly half over…

Life has been really hectic. Ever since my brother came to live with us in August, it’s really felt like nothing has slowed down. There was the hospital fiasco, of course. Then, we had Jimmy’s business trip and my church’s women’s retreat on back to back weeks, and we’ve had so much to do just to get ready for the baby. And we’ve been blessed with employment, as my brother got himself his first job and Jimmy racked up quite a bit of overtime!

No wonder my 38th week crept up on us! I’m fairly confident that it’s only a matter of days before we meet this kid. 

 I see that God has been preparing me quite well, though. I feel like every little detail is falling into place, not to mention that He’s been doing a lot of work on my heart.

Main message: Trust Him.

Persevere. Have joy. Take comfort. Rember that He knows what you need and what you want. Have no fear, just trust Him.

One thing that impacted me a lot when preparing for this baby’s birth (and ridding myself of the fear of delivering naturally again) was being told that I can confidently bring God my concerns and my desires. I want a short labor. I want to feel capable the whole time. I want to feel supported. I want a great group of people on Team EV. I want to have peace about every last thing.

He is delivering answers already! He is peeling away my worries, and making me really, really excited to see this baby! I really don’t want to be anxious or crazy about natural induction methods like I was last time, and even in that way I feel quite relaxed. 

 But yeah, any day now would be fine 😉 I’m curious to see what day God picks!

Our room is finally ready! We decided to sidecar the crib instead of using a bassinet, and I am seriously looking forward to it! And I just feel so excited to see holiday stuff pop up, even Halloween, because this year will be so different!


Oh, about that other kid… She’s still amazing. Every day.

She’s speaking a ton more! It feels like a thousand new words (in broken baby language, of course) every week. EV will be such an amazing big sister! Hugs have been her “thing” lately, which is adorable. Also, she is still totally crazy about Curious George. 

So when a local Barnes & Noble was having a Curious George party… We just had to go. It might be our last chance to do something special for her for a while. It seemed like the perfect opportunity! 

 She was super starstruck when he walked in the room. Even though she was a tiny bit apprehensive about sitting on his lap, it only took 0.056 seconds for her to be all up in his business, handing him random books and toys from around the store. That’s my girl! Fearless little EV.

I have been trying to take in moments with her. Quiet ones. Loud ones. Oh yeah, she’s discovered yelling. Ha! But it’s her. Every time I look at her beautiful face, I feel that sense of awe and wonder that I did on that first day. 

And I get to have that with another human super soon. A different, unique, wonderful little thing that I will apparently love just as much as EV, who fills up my heart more than I thought it could be filled up!

Just wow.

Hopefully, next blog, I’ll be on the other side of that. Let you know how that goes.

Pray for me and my family as we enter this new stage of life. It will be amazing!


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