Once upon a time, I started this blog because I wanted to write about the many things I fangirl over. What I ended up doing was just sort of writing about whatever happened to be on my mind. That quickly became my family life because I suddenly moved to Charleston, SC and then, 9 months later, had a baby girl and became a mother for the first time. So here are some obvious statements about me: I love writing, having a family, and Jesus! I have many interests including, but not limited to: Dungeons & Dragons, epic television shows, weekly blogs of the Austen variation, Portal gun replicas, 80’s music, young adult fiction, fighting robots and frost trolls, intergalactic synth pop, Japanese animation, period mini-series-es, & games of the video persuasion.

I also love: you! Thank you for reading my thoughts. I will admit, some of my earlier thoughts on this blog are not necessarily my current ways of thinking, so if you have any questions, email me below!

This is me. Hello!DSC_4155 web

Photo Courtesy of Artistic Cliques Photography

This is the love of my life, Jimmy!IMG_0589This is my beautiful, perfect daughter, EV. (April 2014)02-DSC_0166

And these are my two kitties

Mercury (my sweet, brown tabby girl) image-5

and Neptune (my high energy, grey tabby boy)!image-6Email: heartofmiscellany@gmail.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/HeartOfMiscellany

Instagram: Momiscellany

Twitter: HeartofMisc

Pinterest: Piperbee

Devotional Blog: Praying for Poo

Also, check out my horribly unfinished Sims 3 Legacy Blog: Van Claude Legacy



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