5 months already!

The Little Kramer has already become a 5-month-old and I can barely believe it! What happened to month 4? Or 3 for that matter? SHE WILL BE 6 MONTHS BY HALLOWEEN!

This is madness.



EV is such a joy. She is super smiley. My heart is warmed every day when I wake up and say “Good Morning!” because there is a large grin just waiting for me. I love it!

So, I will try to list all the new things, but there is something every week it seems, so I might miss something! Continue reading


Pause for some videos

It was a dark and stormy… Friday afternoon.

This Charleston weather can be pretty intense! The cats are FAH-REAKING out right now. The clouds are dark, our patio is flooded, the lightning is bright and the thunder is LOUD.

I’m the only English-speaking creature in this house right now, so I don’t say a whole lot during the day. But I exclaimed earlier when lighting struck right above my house. (It stayed in the sky, it didn’t actually hit anything.)

But thankfully, EV is totally like, “Whatevs, it’s just a little weather.” Continue reading

An Update On My Beautiful Life

I cannot believe this. I’m now 23 (as of June 6th), and everything that has happened since my last birthday has drastically changed my life. I cannot believe this life that I have. God is gracious and faithful and so, so loving!

So, let’s get up to date, then.

(Quick note: Just as I began this post, one of my favorite songs came on. “Hold Me” by Jamie Grace. And the reason I love it so much? Because every time it comes on, I feel like God is wrapping His arms around me, reminding me just how much he really loves me.)

First, here’s my pretty baby at 5 weeks old. She is such a joy!


And here she is now, at 7 weeks (as of tomorrow).10462841_10152225023568727_6181148615696139028_n

That’s right folks! My baby is smiling… ON PURPOSE! As hard as this mom gig gets sometimes, there is nothing like watching your baby smile at you because you’re you. I’m Mom to EV, and she’s starting to actually know that.

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Familiar Faces in Charleston

So last week, my mom and dote (which a German word for “godmother,” though she is also my aunt) flew the dreaded Red Eye to get here and see us! After some much-needed sleepy time, me, my mom, and Dote drove up to Myrtle Beach for a three-day christian conference. There were some very good speakers, and I definitely think that it was worthwhile. Myrtle Beach was beautiful! The weather felt just like home (which was probably not super fantastic for my visitors, but I sure was happy to have a cold day)!

It was really nice to have some family here, since it’s been a while since my brother took off back home.

Dote & Me - Myrtle Beach

Dote & Me – Myrtle Beach

Me & Mom - Mellow Mushroom

Me & Mom – Mellow Mushroom


But we did a lot of fun things! Let me list them for you: Continue reading

Kitten Update: 6 months old

I realize I haven’t talked about my cat-related experience for quite some time. Upon noticing that my last cat related blog was about my volunteer work at the Charleston Animal Society, I figured its probably time to update a few details. Such as: I haven’t been volunteering since I found out I was pregnant, which was about 6 weeks ago.

I thought I could handle going in fewer times per week, but once the morning sickness and whacked-out sense of smell kicked in, I realized that I couldn’t even go into that room without potentially spending the entire time hovered over the trash can. So I talked with my kitten coach and said it just wasn’t possible until I felt better.

So it was only my two kitties that I needed to worry about. Phew! But I couldn’t stand the smell of their food, and pregnant women are supposed to avoid litter at all costs. So, of course, Jimmy took on those things, and all I’ve had to worry about since was cuddling and playing. Such a hard life I tell ya!

But, there have been a few things worth mentioning. Continue reading

A little life experience

So, I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted something, but other than that the days/weeks are escaping me fast, I don’t have any excuses. I’ve been pretty sedentary at home lately. But I do manage to get out two or three times a week to help volunteer at the Charleston Animal Society, and it’s been great for keeping me moving! Continue reading

Thick as Kittens

So, it’s been a few weeks since I’ve updated on my kittens. Besides the fact that they’ve tripled in size (or so it feels) not much has happened.

Just kidding! They are best friends now!

It took pretty much all of my patience, but it wasn’t long before they actually played like normal kittens. Well, maybe it gets a little rough sometimes, but they can fend for themselves. And I can finally leave them alone for long periods of time without worrying they’ll murder each other. Great, right? Continue reading