Might as well tackle the web series thing

So, I’ve gotten interested in something lately: Youtube series…es. Multiple web series. Not sure how to write that. Oh well.

The start of my intrigue was last year, when I was introduced to the Lizzie Bennet Diaries. It was a modern retelling of Pride & Prejudice through the medium of biweekly Youtube videos. It went on for roughly a year, and it even followed along in the holidays and seasons of that year. It was interactive through Facebook and Twitter, and it gained a loyal following of people who refer to themselves as Seahorses.

I can’t really recall why though. Fandoms are like that.

Anyway, it was the highlight of my workday when I could sit and watch the latest 3-8 minute episode on my lunch break. Even though I was thoroughly familiar with the story, it still evoked an emotional response. And it was a lot less predictable than I expected, which is funny because, like I said, I knew the story.

The “company” (which is more like a group of enthusiastic creators) is called Pemberley Digital (hence, the category) and they’re into the thick of their latest web series, Emma Approved, which is about, you guessed it, Jane Austen’s Emma.


Now, I’ll be totally honest, I was not convinced that there was a good way to retell the social-class-obsessed story in a modern setting. But… they’ve done pretty well. Continue reading


Welcome to Sanditon Roleplayers

So, I’m a huge fan of Pemberley Digital and their projects, but their latest one, Welcome to Sanditon, has run my patience a little thin.

Photo from Tumblr

Photo from Tumblr

Now I’m not going to say I’m angry or frustrated or that I’ll retaliate by not watching it anymore, but it is a little draining to watch nothing but YouTube roleplayers every other episode. As a loyal fan of Lizzie Bennet Diaries, I feel like I’m entitled to say that I was really expecting more from this Gigi Darcy spinoff. But that’s not the entirety of my opinion! Continue reading

Guys… it’s almost over…

Image from tumblr

Image from tumblr

All right, fellow Seahorses! The time has neared. Tomorrow will be episode 100 of The L-B-D. Also, the FINAL episode. And we all know that, as loyal fans, Bernie Su and Hank Green should (and will) deliver! But if you haven’t see their kickstarter, GO NOW. Not only can you donate, but you can also read a bit about what’s to come.

I am super excited! And sad! And goodness… just… no words. Well, some. The following words… Continue reading

Modern Austen is even more heart-wrenching!

I almost cried at work today. It was so sad. That last Lizzie Bennet video (Episode 87) just threw me for an emotional roller coaster. The acting was superb (I tell myself because why else would I have gotten all teary-eyed).

The saddest part is obvious to anyone keeping up with it. But something that has pulled at my heart strings is the devolution of this character:lizzie-bennet-diaries-lydia-bennetLydia Bennet. In this picture (which is from Hypable’s article on 4 P&P Characters that LBD Improved) we see the hyper, exciting, superfun Lydia Bennet, who has always been known for her party-girl attitude, even if we used to have different words for it before.

But today, she was reduced to tears. If you don’t know why, then I can only say it was a huge betrayal of trust. Just like that, the joyful Lydia is a victim, sobbing in her sister’s arms.

I had to blog about it. It was too much, and I’ve never been so invested in anything from the interwebs since my days on Nickelodeon’s message boards in middle school. I can only say that I’m eager for the resolution that will inevitably come in the next few days. And that I highly recommend this web series to everyone with a heart.

Is it really a spoiler if the story is 200 years old?

A lot has been on my mind lately. But I’d have to say that of all of it, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, a modern adaption of Pride & Prejudice, has taken the cake. And unfortunately for all of us, this is a metaphorical cake. The cake is a lie.

Photo from TumblrHow I yearned for him to say  "Bow ties are cool."

Photo from Tumblr
How I yearned for him to say “Bow ties are cool.”

But I’ve been slightly obsessed with it in recent weeks months. My poor husband has been subjected to nodding politely and listening quietly EVERY DAY while I talk about what’s happened on this show.

So if you’ve fallen behind, never seen the thing, or have some strange notion that everything will be exactly like the book, you might (meaning absolutely) want to go watch a few episodes before you read my next rant. Continue reading