The Birth of Samson

It’s a boy! This child we have been anticipating all year long finally made his appearance on October 18th! And it was a peaceful, beautiful entry earthside.


I feel like this birth story is so much shorter, partly because it was actually a shorter labor and delivery, but I realize that there is so much more to the story than just when labor started. God had been preparing me for this, and I know that it is because of His Glory and Power and Love that it happened the way it did. So, if you’re the kind of person that wants to know what happened, but you don’t need the narrative, for you I have my son’s birth story in moments. I did this last time with EV, and I think it was well-received, as many are so curious as to what happens when babies are born! I know I am! You are also welcome to skip the prologue portion, but I would recommend you read it all to truly understand how powerful this birth story really is! Continue reading


Samson’s Birth Story in Moments

Well, it’s a boy! I had a feeling that little acrobat Peppercorn was a boy, but it was still exciting to wait. And it wasn’t as hard to wait as I thought it would be! Samson’s birth was an incredible experience, and as much as I would recommend you read the whole story to truly get a feel for what happened, here’s what I went through in moments.



We planned a home birth, and Samson was born in water.
I started labor around 11pm. Sam was born at 7:03am the next morning.
That’s only 8 hours of labor! Quite a lot shorter than EV’s at 21 hours.
I wasn’t checked for dilation at all until 5 hours into my labor. At that point I was 8cm.
There was no mucus or broken water before pushing, so I had to fully trust my body (and God!)
My contractions lasted about 1 minute and were 4 minutes apart.
I had front contractions that moved to my back. I didn’t have back labor like that last time.
Again, there was no pain medication. I just relied on the presence of the help that God gave me and listened to what my body told me to do.
The second stage of labor was less than 10 minutes. Between my water breaking and Sam being born, it was 4 minutes!
Samson was born weighing 7 lbs 14 oz and 20 inches long. A perfect boy!

Game-Changing Decisions

Goes without saying: birthing at home was a big decision, and made a world of difference!
The midwife we chose is incredibly experienced, and she already had a relationship with us because she taught the birthing class we took with EV.
We decided to do as few interventions this pregnancy as we felt safe doing. We had one ultrasound in the first trimester, a few dopplers for checking the heart tones, and the required 3 visits with an OB. There was a little bloodwork, but everything came back normal. If I had felt at all like something was wrong, I would have approached it differently.
The fact that I am young and remained healthy the whole pregnancy is the overarching reason we knew a home birth was a good decision. Many women are not as greatly blessed with a situation like ours.
The midwife and birth assistant agreed that the best thing that could happen would be that they would do mostly nothing but wait and offer emotional support. That is just what we got, and it was wonderful!
We had so much peace about EV being taken care of because we prepared a “team” for her. Turns out, we didn’t really need much help, as she slept the whole time!
Because we went as close to natural as we could, Samson’s birth and first days were incredibly peaceful!

What I did

I used a warm bath, the support of the people with me, and prayer to cope with the pain.
I paid attention to what my body was telling me. At times, it meant being in water, and at others, it meant lying in bed or walking around.
I did the low groan… until I didn’t anymore. My midwife thought contractions had stopped!
I threw up a few times, but it actually was relieving!
Never once was I wearing anything, and I think that this is the best way to labor!
When I was ready to meet him, I pushed. But it was premature. So I waited and it was only 2 contractions before it was time.
After I waited to fully dilate, my son came super fast!
I felt his head as he was born, and there was such a profound connection made at that moment.
I was the one who shouted, “It’s a boy!”

What I Felt

Oh, boy, I felt in pain! Miserable, yes, but fearful? No! I was very emotionally and spiritually prepared, Praise God!
Almost my whole labor, it was dull aching pain at level 10 with each contraction. Again, it was from front to back.
Pushing is an intense, burning sensation, but fortunately it was very quick.
When I felt his head as he was born, I finally connected that all of this was to bring a human into the world. It’s strange that, even though I knew this from before, it wasn’t totally real until then.
At one point, I felt discouraged that labor might go a lot longer than I prayed for.
But never once did I feel afraid!

What I Thought

This is hard
I don’t want to do this
Rely on God as your strength
I can’t wait to meet my baby
This might not happen, but then… this is happening!
Let go of control
You can do this!

Memorable Moments

-I am so grateful that God put it on my heart to trust in Him and have NO FEAR! This was months of spiritual preparation, and I knew that God would tell me what I needed to know if there was something I needed to know. Everything else would be a part of His plan, and I felt confident praying specific things for my birth, such as: a healthy baby, a short labor, EV to be well taken care of, an early arrival, and a peaceful delivery at home. All of these things were answered with a faithful “Yes!”
-About 5 hours into labor, I began wondering if it was possible for this to not be the right time. Because we had no major event, like my water breaking, I started to feel discouraged that I might not meet my baby soon, like I thought. Then, my midwife, recognizing my mood, decided to check my dilation, and I was 8cm! It helped me push those worries aside.
-Early in the morning, I got back into the birth pool and my midwife came back from her nap. She told me that I was spending a lot of my energy groaning through contractions, and I should try to just let them happen. So, I did. After about a half hour, she asked if the contractions had stopped! Nope! I just stopped responding to them. The only indication I gave that they were still happening was that I asked for water after each one. It was pretty incredible that I managed to do that!
-One half hour before Samson was born, we prayed that he would be born soon. I tried to push, since the last time, I was so determined to meet EV that I didn’t wait for contractions. However, my midwife told me that the contractions would change, and it would be better to wait for them to push the baby down than to do it myself. Two contractions later, they started pushing him out, and then shortly after that, my water broke and he fell instantly into the birth canal. Then it was only one more contraction before he was born!
-EV slept the entire time! Basically, she woke up and had a brother! My younger brother watched her during the last little bit of delivery, and he heard me shout, “It’s a boy!” from the living room!
-Jimmy said that he didn’t even need to see the gender to know it was a boy… he could see from Samson’s face that it was a he!