The Only Vaccine Argument You Need To Hear

That’s right. This is the ONLY one you need to hear. Are you ready?

I’m not going to get into the arguments that are pro-vaccine or anti-vaccine. There have been enough parents, doctors and people of all kinds to compile list after list of reasons why we should or shouldn’t vaccinate. I’m not going to do that. In fact, this hardly has anything to do with vaccines. But it has everything to do with the state of our world’s health.

I’m going to talk about God now. I warn you because I know that this argument is more valid than any of the other ones, but it requires you to understand that it is based on Jesus. If you don’t believe in or love Jesus, it is totally your decision to keep reading or not, but you need to hear this too. However, I’m going to focus on those of you who do love Jesus.

We messed up. That’s why this whole thing is even an issue.

What any pro- or anti-vaccine advocate would tell you is nothing compared to what I’m about to tell you. That’s because they are focused on telling you HOW we got sick.

It doesn’t matter how. It matters why.

2 Chronicles 7:14 says this: “if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” (NKJV)

You see that? See the words “heal their land”? See the distinction of “my people”?

The unbelievers are not the problem. They don’t know better. Christians, lovers of Jesus, we are WHY this nation is sick. We know that God can heal the sick. We know that He is all-knowing and all-powerful, and that He alone can save this depraved country. And He would, if we would turn from our wicked ways.

The unbelievers are not responsible. We are.

I’m not going to say that each person who has gotten sick is paying the price for his or her own sin, because that’s not true. The final Day of Judgment hasn’t come yet, but it will, and that’s when we will see true justice and grace. But today, this sickness is a warning sign. Illness and death are products of all of our sins. But, if we believers would stop being wicked in our ways, God would heal this nation. That’s a promise!

So, I guess, after that, it doesn’t really matter if we vaccinate or not, because God is the authority over all things. He has led me to both skip the vaccine and let my daughter have the vaccine. The devil has tried to intercede, making sure I don’t listen to my Lord, but I ignored him.

We skipped a number of my daughter’s shots because I was scared. There was a reason I was scared. I couldn’t figure out who was telling the truth. The devil overcame me with confusion. I did research, I listened to moms I trusted, I considered what doctors said, I even prayed, and I still couldn’t decide.

So, for her 6-month shots, I gave it to God. I prayed, and surrendered, and I drew so amazingly close to God. There is no doubt in my mind I did the right thing. I was terrified and humbled.

We went to the office to vaccinate her. And you know what happened? A child screamed bloody murder in the next room. My spirit knew it was Satan. He was trying so hard to scare me. I was convicted that she was supposed to get her shots. God was gently nudging me that direction through multiple avenues, and there was no greater confirmation to me that I made the right choice than when Satan was desperately trying to make me unfaithful. Oh, but I was so filled with the Holy Spirit, peace just rushed over me. Dumping down like rain! It was magnificent!

She got her shots and cried for maybe 20 seconds. It was over. No side effects. There is zero indication that she is anything but healthy. And you know what? No matter what anyone tries to tell me, I know why she was vaccinated.

God wanted it. He has given me peace about that.

That isn’t to say that God wants that for every child. I’m sure it’s different for every parent. But I can’t listen to this pitiful argument anymore. Vaccinate or don’t vaccinate. I don’t care. I care that you listen to God in every aspect of your life because that is the ONLY thing that will ever make a difference to your child’s eternity.

And, according to 2 Chronicles, every one else’s life too.

Don’t you trust Him? Stop arguing! No human can do anything to your child’s body that God can’t reverse. No human can even touch your child’s spirit! No germs or side effects or sickness can change what God has ordained!

If we turn from our wicked ways and seek Him in prayer and every aspect of our lives, we would all be fine. Don’t lose hope that it won’t happen. Nothing is impossible for God. But YOU must check yourself. YOU must surrender. YOU must humble yourself and stop worrying.

When you do, everything will change. Maybe even the whole world.

How’s that for a vaccine argument?